-- Whether your dream is to have a top-notch home studio or have a great gig in
nnthe recording industry - Audio Institute of America will get you there.

-- We are the only school to offer you a totally interactive Online course which nnnnincludes 90 FREE hands-on video and audio lessons.

-- Affordable pricing beats any residential school

If you are looking for a dynamic recording school
you have come to the right place.

There is nothing available anywhere at any price to equal what is in our program. Read this information carefully. It will change your life.
Master the Art of Home Recording

. . . maybe you already have a home studio, but your recordings don't sound like "radio records"

We want you want to make music like the music you hear on CDs, television and radio.

Sometimes you start making a recording and it goes nowhere so you don't even finish the mix

You'll feel secure that you can play your recordings to anyone in the industry and there will be no question that you are a professional too.

Why do my mixes sound muddy and not as loud as other CDs?

Why does my vocal sound harsh and lifeless?

Why are my guitar sounds weak and dull?

How do I set this compressor correctly?

How does this darn program work?

These and thousands of other questions are answered in simple, easy-to-understand lingo.

all you need is a love for music and
a genuine desire to learn the recording arts

• In 90 days or less you can become a trained Recording Engineer, Music
iiiProducer or Live Sound Engineer

• You get 2 courses for the price of 1 - - Sound Engineer and Music Producer

• We are the only school that provides FREE evaluations of your recordings

• We offer career guidance as well as placement assistance upon graduation.

Become a Professional Sound Engineer


You can enroll in our online course and start learning
in a matter of minutes.

you can download the entire course and learn on
your laptop at the beach!

The AIA Difference Is Your Instructor
The chief instructor and founder of our school is the legendary Peter Miller who is in the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame. Peter toured extensively with The Beatles and the Rolling Stones during the sixties prior to building his own home studio and becoming a successful songwriter. His next venture was to establish one of the world's first independent record labels before opening up a recording studio in San Francisco. The studio was the genesis for the course since so many musicians asked Peter to give lessons on how he got such great sounds.

He has also been a voting member for The Grammys (The Recording Academy) for the past 20 years so you konow he knows what he's talking about! He is still actively working as a Recording Engineer, Music Producer and a Recording Artist. Peter is ready to share a lifetime of experience with you and welcome you to the exciting and rewarding world of recording! You are about to enter an incredible new world!









Take your home studio to the next level. . .
turn what you dig into a gig.

When you have completed our program, you will be awarded a Diploma in Recording Engineering and Music Production. You will be fully prepared to take on the challenges, and enjoy the rewards of your career as a qualified sound engineer. And if you already have a studio, frame your Diploma on the wall and certify yourself with the credibility of an AIA diploma.


One course for all -- music knows no boundaries

for rockers

Read what dozens of our graduates around the world have said about their training in their own words:

For You!

Compare our lesson content to that of any other recording engineer school. We teach you about digital recording, mixing, record labels, songwriting and building your own studio plus much more,

fffffffor rappers
If you found us on the Web, you would have probably found other schools. Click here for a brief summary of what they offer.


AIA is the largest, oldest, most affordable Recording Engineer school in the world.

AIA is the only school with audio/visual lessons FREE with your enrollment.

offers you quality, quantity & the lowest cost.
You can pay more - but you can't get more!

You can now enroll online and be reading your course in a matter of minutes.

SINCE 1986

Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money is refunded

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Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education

Accredited Member of:
National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (N.A.R.A.S.)
Society of International Recording Engineers (SIRE)

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