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The Audio Institute of America is accredited by the Better Business Bureau

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Some of the topics covered in the 25 big lessons:

how to use recording software, setting up a home studio, mixing and mastering, digital re cording techniques, the art of mixing, how to make great mixes, professional careers, getting great guitar and bass sounds, making and editing drumbeats, setting up your own record label, a complete recording session is analyzed step-by-step from start to finish, how to record great sounding vocals, using EQ on vocals, compressing vocals, correcting out-of-tune mistakes, digital audio workstations, differences in computer software, how to be a master producer, mastering your final mixes, using various plug-ins, MIDI recording, how to set up compressors, selecting equipment, songwriting, song publishing, copyrighting your work, advertising and networking, Internet resources . . . plus much more.

Our course embraces all of the following recording software:

Pro Tools - Cubase - Reason - Cakewalk - Sonar - Logic - Adobe Audition - Audacity - Digital Performer - Acid Pro - Roland - Cakewalk V - Studio 20 - Fruity Loops - Garage Band - Sound Forge - Line 6 Backtrack - Traction - Motif - Sony Vegas - Vista - Waves - Nuendo - Turtle Beach Voyetra - and many others


MIX Magazine says this about our course...

"This complete course for new engineers provides a well-rounded music industry curriculum that doesn't just stop at the final mix. It does much to duplicate and augment the hands-on experience students need. The series of 25 big lessons in a 500+ page manual are rich in detail but presented in a gradual style, so one doesn't get overwhelmed by the technology."